8,000 years of mystery and history

Come and discover the roots of Corsica in the footsteps of the first Corsicans.

Jewel of the island’s megalithic art and considered by scientists as one of the most mysterious cultural sites of the Mediterranean, as well as one of the most beautiful Prehistoric art collections in Europe, Filitosa provides an overview of 8,000 years of human history.

Filitosa is a prehistoric site classified as a historic landmark, in addition to being on the list of the hundred historical sites of common concern for Mediterranean countries.

Filitosa represents a multitude of interests for all audiences, from the beauty of its archaeological remains to the richness of its preserved natural environment.



Discover or rediscover the masterpieces of this extraordinary deposit revealed in 1946 and excavated for over 20 years. Statue-menhirs, monuments, remains, wander across the thousands of years and the site, as if you were there.


Because of the beauty of statue-menhirs, Filitosa is unquestionably the main site of Corsican Prehistory. Its statue-menhirs are one of the most spectacular and complete illustrations of megalithic art in the Mediterranean.

Our history

If today, Filitosa is famous, it became so from a tireless inventory and conservation work. Flashback on how it was discovered, the origins of the philosophy guarding the soul and spirit of the place and the strength of enthusiasts ensuring its durability.